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Cercle celtique Bro Gwenrann

The Celtic Circle Bro Gwenrann was established in 1949.Bro mean and Country Gwenrann translates Saint or blessed, because it is linked to a religious saint.This name is also associated with purity sea salt harvested Guérandaise Peninsula.

Despite his 67 years in 2016, the group's workforce reveal a tremendous youth movement thanks to the active presence of more than 30 children and teenagers.The ensemble has retained its originality and taste of the festival, which gives his shows a permanent freshness.

With 108 members in total, the association aims to disseminate and perpetuate as closely as possible the musical culture, sung and danced guérandais the country.Bro Gwenrann is among the most famous Celtic circles, not only for its artistic qualities, but also for his loyalty to respect the traditions of a land where he grew deep popular roots.His fame has reached an unprecedented level.The group ranks among the best ensembles of Britain.

Members have already occurred in Hungary, Portugal, Spain, Austria and to Shanghai in China los the 2010 World Fair in Germany in 2013, Poland in 2014 and in several French regions.

Bro Gwenrann activities are supervised by experienced and qualified instructors.Approach to dance through movement in the form of games and amusements.The child finds a suitable framework.Specific work is proposed.He gently leads to the art of dance and the establishment of a small spectacle.
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