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Centro Cultural de Caja de Burgos

The Caja de Burgos Art Center , CAB, opened its doors in November 2003, in Burgos, a city of about 175,000 inhabitants, with a historical and patrimonial weight that nevertheless does not turn its back on the most current creative trends.

This Art Center with an approximate area of ​​3,300 square meters, is a new building located in the heart of the old town, which depends entirely on Caja de Burgos, a savings institution that since 1988 started an exhibition program mainly oriented to The creators of the second half of the twentieth century, forming a collection that has been articulated around this program, based on a logical policy of bet and support by certain artists that not only takes shape with the production of works and a publication that Documents the exhibitions, but is supported in a third fundamental pillar that is the acquisition for a collection.

The intention has been to create a center of living art , and, as far as possible, with its own identity, but above all, connected to society. The exhibition program intends to show what is being done today, with a clear presence of new trends, which reflect the use by current artists of new technologies and supports.

The more than 500 works that currently form the Caja de Burgos Collection constitute a good reference, although still to be completed, of what is Spanish art from the nineties.
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