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Bibliothèque de L'Alcazar

Since March 2004, Marseille has the largest public library in Regional Vocation of France in terms of public area (18,000 m²).Funded by the City of Marseille, she enjoyed, for its construction, substantial assistance of the State, the Region and the Department.

Designed by the architects Adrien Fainsilber and Didier Rogeon, the building stands on the Belsunce during its marble facade of glass on which is built the marquee of the old theater.Inside, the traffic is organized from the central axis, a glass roof enhances the clarity and transparency of the place.Extensive reading areas makes available one million documents preserved and borrow more than 350,000 books, CDs, sheet music, etc.

Archaeological excavations that preceded the library construction were discovered and analyzed the remains of 26 centuries of history and dating back to the founding of Marseille (video films and studies by archaeologists available the Alcazar).

The memory of this former music hall is also the inspiration of the three artists selected within the 1% artistic and whose works are visible in the building:
Cooked in Marseille for the chandelier at the entrance (a spiral of 70 small cubic lamps in red silicone suspended on a brushed steel dome), Douglas Martin with the scrolls of the Alcazar name redrawn in bas-relief on the lifts, and Bernard pages that traces the different periods of the site by a succession of drawings etched into the inserted steel cutouts along the marble floor.Inlaid metal stream and engraved in the marble floor, symbolizes the founder of the creek of Lacydon stream.The artist evokes this groove as a "metaphor for the source, source of knowledge, intelligence," "an invitation to move into the building, to walk further, like to find out more."(B. Pagès, extract text for the project).
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