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Beam Me Up

Digital Spring Partner from March 21 to June 21, 2017 in Montreal

Founded in 2013, Beam Me Up has been pushing the boundaries of Augmented and Virtual reality technologies. Not satisfied with simply viewing a 3D world and capturing and editing 360 VR video as well as producing VR applications, our most recent product “HOLO Immersion” enables full free roaming wireless 3D world navigation. This rapid deployment technological revolution enables a never seen before immersive experience at a much more affordable price than competing solutions on the market.

As we get exposed to ever increasing amounts of AR and VR interactive content, only those that are truly able to create engagement through interaction achieve increased notoriety. Technology cannot replace human contact; it must be used to stimulate it and make the experience as real as it is possible.

“Getting to the highest level, being transported by technology, creating an event, communicating with peers, bringing to life, but mostly bringing people together.” This is the ambition of Beam Me Up and is well reflected by our name.

We are a dynamic and experienced team, experts in AR and VR technologies, connected objects, gaming and neuroscience, who gets excited by brainstorming and meeting new challenges – always. We love pushing the boundaries of possibility and helping you in your own creative discovery to go beyond technology.

Discover what HOLO Immersion can do for you, your product and your company!
Whether you are an architect, a real estate promoter, industrial or interior designer, HOLO Immersion is what you need to show your projects and products before you build them, thus reducing costs and increasing sales. HOLO immersion is furthermore a never seen before training tool for organisations that require a total immersion in order to achieve the desired results.
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