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Alhambra Théâtre Music-Hall

Here's what you will not see: beautiful mahogany doors opening on rows of wooden chairs with retractable seating, stair railings and pink brass knobs, one year ceiling 30, geometric chandeliers 1925 beautiful, a framed scene stucco pillars and topped with a bas-relief depicting a locomotive.Only architectural testimony art deco remaining: the monumental staircase leading to the balcony and restaurant.

When in 1933, the architect Hoppe built this building to office use, it also aménagea drive-in theater reserved for recreation the Fraternal Association of French Railways.Unfortunately, this drive-in theater was rarely open.
In 2005 when Jean-Claude Auclair, Producer of Entertainment, discovered by chance, he fell in love with this quaint place and bought it.But safety standards are not the same as they were 70 years old.In addition, the theater never exploited, unknown to the cadastre and the town hall, is not classified.It was difficult without sound insulation to keep state in this gem of theater architecture.

If the Region Ile de France, the City of Paris and the CNVlove music and support the project of Jean-Claude Auclair to reborn this room dedicated to contemporary music, they also insist that Parisians can sleep peacefully.Only solution, everything demolish and rebuild all.After a year of studies, two years of work and an investment of 3 million euros, Jean-Claude Auclair advised by David Hamelin Project Owner Delegate rebuilt with the architect Pascal Lépissier a totally soundproof room, shell of concrete and steel, weighing 800 tons, set on springs and based on a powerful infrastructure built in underpinning.The room is now completely independent of the building in which she hides.It only lacked a name, and here is one found everything: ALHAMBRA
The hall was renamed in honor of the famous music-hall neighbor disappeared in the 60s, to be henceforth "The Scene of All Music."Its broad programming offers a selection of concerts ranging from Hip-Hop to Rock through the Jazz, Electro, Variety and the World Music, but also One Man Show, Parts and Theatre Festivals ...
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