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ACP Manufacture Chanson

ACP Song Factory is a place dedicated to the song and emerging artists.

On an area of ​​600m² in the heart of Paris, we propose:
- A School of the song (4 professionalizing curriculum)
- Vocational training courses
- A concert hall: the Espace Christian Dente (regular programming, artist residencies, rehearsal rooms ...)
- Professional meetings
- The employability actions for the development of artists
- Weekly workshops for leisure practice

Our thing is the song, and everything that revolves around: the voice, the stage, writing, music and so much more ...

Some think it is enough to open the mouth, blow by vibrating resonators few ...We, we are sure he must open his heart wide and above all, have some thing to say.

That is why we are making since 1983 that people meet, share their knowledge and passion to create a place where artists feel good and take the time to try and look at the deep within themselves their right words, their own notes, their own expression.
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