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The history of this antique intertwined with the story of a passionate family for unique pieces. A story that begins in the 50s, when Antonio Pedro da Silva opens his Antiquities Hall, at Rua Dom Pedro V, Lisbon, surprising and delighting collectors with the excellence of its parts. Furniture, silverware, porcelain, paintings, sacred art, unique treasures that transformed his shop in one of the most prestigious Portuguese antique shops.

His son, José Ramos da Silva, is from a young "infected" by the passion of antiques. With his father open yet another store, the flagship "A. Pedro Silva, "also at Rua Dom Pedro V. This way passed some of the most famous collectors and Portuguese and foreign intellectuals, antiquarian making this an essential space in the script antiques of Lisbon and a known center of social gatherings. Even today many remember the hours of conversation around historical treasures found somewhere in the world.

The death of Antonio Pedro and later, José Ramos da Silva, did not prevent Maria Helena da Silva Ramos - who has collaborated with antique and was part of the family - to keep ahead of antiquarian keeping its prestige.

In 2011, with Rua Dom Pedro V and the Royal Prince turned in one of the local "trendy" Lisbon, Maria Helena installed "A. Pedro Silva "in a new space, an old stable that is reached after passing an imposing iron gate that separates Rua D. Pedro V a courtyard with one of the most beautiful views of Lisbon.

Located at Rua Dom Pedro V, 56 Letter H, "A. Pedro Silva "continues to set the world of antiques making excellence their primary reference. A must-see place for those seeking the most extraordinary parts of Portugal and the World.
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