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360 Degrés by K Dance

art center dedicated to the movement.
"I live only for and through movement, always in search of fairer and purer.I explore, I seek and takes you on a sarabande where inevitably, which seeks eventually find and prove.I invite you to connect to yourself and your emotions to set in motion the deep muscles that allow you to get to know a free body, known and recognized.
Welcome to a place of self-realization for an ideal personal development.
A multidisciplinary place that gives its place to the curiosity, daring, innovation and discovery.
A place in constant motion, which appropriates "on" according to their own aspirations and expectations.
One an experience to live where everything is permitted.Fulfilment of the body with sports and Fulfillment of the spirit with cultural disciplines.
And as advocated Hubert Godert: "Accept to return to the essence of being to accept major changes to be.The being is not the center but must let through by external flows, it must have the ability to leave through the world ... "
A place where disinhibiting feeling, sensation and imagination hold a candle to technical and aesthetic to feel like new and make a new start!
A place, as a beneficial parenthesis, where everyone reconnects with itself, reconciled with its desires, expectations and aspirations.Something exhilarating and essential.Time for a chosen artistic break. "
Karine Rizzo
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