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100ft Park

100ft. PARK is a non-commercial mini art space founded by three art practitioners in 2012. We aim to exhibit works in all media in a small space of 100 square feet. Through exhibiting works, we hope to be a hub for art-lovers and provide an open platform for artists to share their creative thoughts.

100ft. PARK was first located inside “The Coming Society”, a second-hand book shop, as part of the unique cultural hub. In 2014, 100ft. PARK moved to Kowloon Prince Edward Area with Wontonmeen by design team “Yuen Yeung” and bike shop “Holicycle”. 2015 ,100ft. PARK moved to Sham Shui Po with architectural firm “Daydreamers Design”.With the space’s special and humanistic atmosphere, we hope to attract people to participate and enrich the place by engaging in cultural dialogues. By having close contact with the artworks, audience can become part of the small space and explore freely what they see and what they want to see.

We welcome your exhibition proposals to publish works in our space. Make use of the junction to communicate with audience and to exchange ideas with the art industry.
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