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Adachi Bldg 101, 3-4-24 Roppongi, Minato, Tokyo, Japan
Kawai Gyokudō named "偶庵 (Guan)" of the Company, and another issue of great master-Kawai Gyokudō of modern Japanese art world, it comes from the name of the residence, who spent his last years. Gyokudo his later years, and then evacuated to Okutama Tokyo to escape from the war, which gradually intensified. When I was young, there was also the first in the enchanted land when he moved to Tokyo. Then, we set in the land of its "偶庵 (Guang)" is now the abode of the end (final) of Gyokudo. And try to draw a landscape painting that was raised singing the nature and heart of Japan, it is where you ran the paintbrush until his death on the verge. Connoisseur Mitsuo Kawai teacher I was respected, and per the grandson of Gyokudo. Teacher had been saying the "Appraisal You're sense and" is, of the authenticity of the work Gyokudo, had been distinguished firmly Hijoni subtle differences. There are also a lot that was taught in the third son teacher. Finally from a few years ago now I also like the modern Japanese paintings, but it was not able to have interest only to the previous old picture Meiji until then.

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