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Lungotevere Vittorio Gassman, 1, Rome, 00146, Italy
Date: 24 to May 28, 2017

Show times
21 hours
Sundays at 18

Sound ritual for heaven and earth
Dell'allestimento care and lights Cesare Ronconi

With Stefano Battaglia and Mariangela Gualtieri
Texts written and recited by Mariangela Gualtieri
Music composed and performed live by Stefano Battaglia

Theatre production Valdoca
with the support of Emilia Romagna Region, the Municipality of Cesena
with the support of Emilia Romagna Theatre Foundation

Purple-sound ritual for heaven and earth was born from the singing colors, welcoming them as powers such as acoustic forces, because since ancient times the term refers to the most vibrant and sparkling color point, as the men of Latin and ancient Greek . Starting from the pianist's melody and composer Stefano Battaglia, the Teatro Valdoca Mariangela Gualtieri and Cesare Ronconi charge the lines of a new sonic life, causing the wake of silence that poetry brings is nonetheless open to a sound writing. A show where one is suspended in wait, poised on the edge of hearing of those stunts that bring in the world to the bottom, to the brim, where time and space vanish and leave for a moment to imagine what whose poetry, music and silence lead.
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