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Pazzi for the Opera

Corso Zanardelli, 9, Brescia, 25121, Italy
7th October 2017
4th November 2017
18th November 2017
25th November 2017
2nd December 2017

Time: 11:00

The Pazzi for the Opera return to the Grand Theater Performances Salon for the traditional cycle of meetings devoted to the deepening of the calendar works for the Opera and Ballet Season 2017.

Every Saturday morning of the week before the screening of the opera, the "melomans", professionals not in the field but big enthusiasts of the opera genre, analyze the textual and musical aspects of the works, listening to the salient songs.

The aim is to examine the structures of the melodrama through an in-depth analysis conducted by special rapporteurs, paying attention to the lives of composers and the historical-social context, without forgetting curiosity and background, thus creating an interesting dialogue between "melomans "And the audience, always very involved. A useful opportunity, not only to prepare for viewing the shows on a calendar, but also for building a critical sense and refining your personal taste.

Venues: Stage of the scenes
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