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101-103,Square One Designer Arcade, New Delhi, 110 017, India
Housed in Square One mall in Saket, Gallerie Nvya is one of the most dynamic and unique art galleries in the city. In terms of focus, it has two main thrust areas. The first of these is the gallery's recognition and encouragement of young talent. Our endeavor is to always be associated with the best of skill, vision and imagination and execution. In an attempt to honor this talent the gallery thus provides a platform that aims at empowering young practitioners and experimenters to surge ahead whilst fuelled by the power of their creative impulses.

Another area that we pride ourselves on is our fantastically eclectic collection of art that brings together the modern, the contemporary, the new age and the experimental. Aware of the basic principal that art can be neither confined nor defined, we recognize the validity of different ways and means of creative expressive; we respect the range of styles, vocabularies and techniques that the artist can summon to his service in the creation of his work. As our exhibits and collections indicate, this difference that defies all attempts at homogeneity is the soul of both the artist as well as of the art he/she creates. In providing a space that upholds the dignity and validity of this diversity the gallery, once again, fulfills what it believes to be an integral part of its social and creative responsibility.

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