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A 92 C,Nambardar Estate,, Taimoor Nagar, New Friends Colon, New Delhi, 00000, India
A thing of beauty is a joy forever. When you buy or gift art, you buy a bit of the artist’s soul. That is how we describe art at Adhunik Art Gallery.Adhunik means modern and contemporary. It is our endeavour to promote the cause of contemporary art and provide a platform to talented new artists. The art we host is the art of NOW.

We are all about the latest and the new in the world of art. The world of contemporary art is fast changing. We are in the heart of the emergence of new art in India that voice the concerns of the present times.

Established by Bhasker Prakash and Curated By Mr.Shyam Das a well-known artist, Adhunik Art gallery has made waves in the artistic fraternity for its out-of-the-box collection. Apart from Bhasker who is a Master in Fine arts and also a management graduate from IMU Chennai , Adhunik art gallery is promoted by Neeraj Ahuja SIMS (Pune) graduate. It is the mix of capabilities that brings together which makes Adhunik such an exceptional Art gallery to collaborate with or to trust when it comes to investing in the right kind of art.

Famous for its Nail Stroke Art series, Adhunik hosts a diverse portfolio of art including Metal Casting, Brush Stroke Art, Modern Art, Pot Painting, Ceramic Art and Water Colour.
Adhunik has participated in exhibitions in five countries. Apart from curating high quality contemporary art, it is our purpose to uphold the cause of art and promote good art among people who love and appreciate the value of creativity.

The world of art is fast changing. Artists’ expressions are no more about simply about using colours on canvas. Artists all over the world are now breaking the pattern of art media. Art can be created out of everything. It is the vision of the artist that makes the difference. At Adhunikart, we are all about giving a stage to showcase that kind of artistic expression.

Indian art is going through rapid change. It is our initiative to bring out that change to the fore, let people know about the innovation taking place in the Indian Art market. We are also a platform for all those budding artists who want to showcase their new and innovative expressions in their art making.

As founding members of Adhunik Art Gallery, we are innovative thinkers ourselves and we wish to inspire you with the spirit of innovation as you choose to select art. Do come to us for art consultancies, for information on the trends in contemporary art and to gain knowledge about the best and latest trends in artistic innovation taking place in India. The young Indian artists are coming up and fast in their field it in terms of medium or thoughts, and we will always keep you up to date with theway new art is being created here in India.

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