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Rangoli Metro Art Center

263 Mahatma Gandhi Road, Bengaluru, 560001, India
The State Government has provided BMRCL the right of way for the construction of elevated viaducts along the major road corridors of Bangalore and the stretch along the Mahatma Gandhi Road, Boulevard, which had some majestic bougainvillea sloping down to the MG Road, was temporarily removed, to create working space and for the movement of heavy machinery, during the construction period. BMRCL had undertaken to restore this majestic boulevard once the civil works and construction of the MG Road Metro station were completed. With the completion of the civil works, BMRCL with a view to enhance the community's identity with the boulevard, took a conscious decision to create a public space to celebrate cultural excellence through performing and visual arts- and thus established the Rangoli Metro Art Center.Within these vibrant surroundings, Rangoli is established as an urban public space where the very ordinary people, with no previous exposure to art, could walk in without any inhibitions and experience the excellence in the world of visual and performing arts. The Center is about half a kilometer long and about 30 meters wide running from Anil Kumble Circle upto the Brigade Road junction. Within this public space created serendipitous things happen every day engaging people in a variety of cultural program, public art, and a stream of innovative ideas celebrating creativity among people and more importantly, in an environment that supports and encourages it.

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