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1 ShanthiRoad Studio Gallery

40 Shanthi Road, Bengaluru, 560027, India
1 Shanthi Road is fifteen years old! Fifteen vibrant years during which time we’ve broken new ground, nurtured new and old talent, and triggered meaningful engagements with visual art.
We’ve hosted and shown artists from Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka, with our partner Khoj in Delhi; we’ve had a show of Tibetan culture in exile; we run the Sethusamudram Project, an ongoing multi-year partnership between Indian and Sri Lankan artists; we’ve produced a beautiful book on GH Krumbiegel, the pioneer- ing German horticulturist responsible for much of Bangalore’s greenery; we run art workshops with rural and underprivileged children in Bangalore and Karnataka; we’ve presented monthly talks by prominent artists, historians and theorists that thousands have attended; we’ve screened odd and unusually lovely films, often followed by discussions with the filmmakers; and we’ve hosted and shown artists from every continent (and virtually every country) in the world.

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