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Benczúr tér 21, Nyíregyháza, 4400, Hungary
Eastern Hungary's oldest cultural and scientific institution for life on 1 December 1868, called the autumn of 1918 and the name of the founder Josa Andras wearing scope county town museum. Europe famous archaeological collection of Nyíregyháza County Museum Andras Josa laid the foundation (1834-1918), Szabolcs County's former chief medical officer. Enthusiastic as a result of the work soon became a nationally known museums and Conquest Bronze Age finds.

The ethnographic collection of the offspring, Lajos Kiss was created by the poor people chronicler, who was among the first to Kossuth Prize (1948), and he created the ethnographic research of the Nyírség. It is due to be proud today of the former Nyíregyháza guilds commemorative material.

From the 1950s onwards, we expect the local history, historical documents, the fine and applied arts, numismatics, history of literature collections of numbers and in terms of value creation and growth.

archaeological and ethnographic exhibitions are shown in Josa Andras After the interior renovation summer 2008 re-open Museum's permanent exhibitions, the museum's founder Dr. Josa Andras memorial room and the Nyíregyháza-born painter prince, in addition to the work of Benczúr exhibition. Outstanding value and attraction of the museum represents archaeological and numismatic gold treasures trezorterem presentation.

Nyíregyháza facility is another important museum opened in 1979, Sóstó Museum Village. The approximately 10 acres consisting of open-air ethnographic museum is responsible for the county's ethnic landscape - Nyírség, Szatmár, Bereg Tiszahát the Rétköz the Mezőség traditional folk monuments, residential houses and economic as well as public buildings and assets of the rural life to the preservation of these scientific and educational purposes processing, tourism presentation.

Third is a museum in the city, it received a business license in November 2007, Kallay Collection, which is the founder of Kristof Kallay, the Sovereign Military Order of Malta Ambassador to the Holy See will of the Hungarian nobility main and secondary hagyatékait collects and presents to the public.

These three museums with works from 1 January 2013 Nyíregyháza County Mayor's Office of sustaining and open to visitors.

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