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Dunhuang Reflections

Auditorium, Yuen Long Theatre, 9 Yuen Long Tai Yuk Road, Yuen Long, Hong Kong

Hong Kong Dance Federation
A Grand Dancing Poetry that Breathes into the Realm of Dunhuang

Inspired by the Dunhuang mural paintings, the choreography reinterprets the historical treasure in the light of contemporary aesthetics. Along the crest where the fusion of past and present flourishes, there weaves the artistic vision of Hong Kong into the Dunhuang Reflections.

Postures of “apsaras (celestial maidens) playing musical instruments” and “playing the pipa behind the back” that appear in the realm of Dunhuang are presented in front of the audience through the dance, dancers’ bodies and countenances, fusing with stage effects and flamboyant costumes. All these combine to achieve a grand dancing poetry that emphasizes both aesthetics and visual pleasure. While the audience will be amused by the fusion of present and past derived from the aesthetics of Dunhuang, they will also share with the dancers a philosophical inspiration about life.

About Hong Kong Dance Federation:
Hong Kong Dance Federation Ltd. (the Federation) is a non-profit organization established in 1978 and all founder members were acclaimed personages in the dance society including Pearl CHAN, Stephen KWOK, Helen LAI, LAU Siu Ming, NG Sai Fun, and the late CHENG Ya Ching and WONG Ngai Yum.
It carries forward the art of dance, encouraging and expediting dance development in Hong Kong as well as promoting cultural exchange. While applications for group and individual memberships are accepted upon recommendation of committee members, anybody interested in dance activities may become an associate member. At present, the Federation boasts a total membership of 207 Group members (Active members 145) and more than 700 Individual and Associate members.
The Federation has launched a large-scale project to lay the basis for a local dance culture. Subsidies of outlays, sponsorship of venues and commission of performances have been offered by organizations such as the Hong Kong Arts Development Council, the Home Affairs Department, the Leisure and Cultural Services Department and the Hong Kong major event organizing companies. Presently, it is a member of the International Dance Council (CID), an umbrella organization under UNESCO for all kinds of dance.

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