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25 April 2018 - 01 December 2020

Hall of the Cosmos

10 Salisbury Rd, Tsimshatsui, Hong Kong

Hall of the Cosmos and Hall of Space Exploration

Permanent Exhibition The exhibition halls of the Space Museum will be re-opened on 25 April 2018 after renovation.

Covering a total area of 1,600 square metres, the "Hall of the Cosmos" and "Hall of Space Exploration" house a hundred new exhibits of which about 70 per cent are interactive design. With the aid of interesting hands-on exhibits and advanced equipment coupled with lighting effects and environmental decorations, the exhibition introduces astronomy and space science in a vivid approach.

The "Hall of the Cosmos" on the ground floor showcases the Universe from near to far, travelling from the solar system that we are living in, to the stars, Milky Way and galaxies further away and exploring the science and evolution of the universe all along the way. The "Aurora" exhibit allows visitors to adjust the strength of solar wind inside a vacuum tube to create an aurora on an Earth model. "Icy Bodies" creates comets with dry ice to simulate their jets and movements. "Big Bang Theatre" displays the evolution of the Universe from the Big Bang to the present era. "Gravity Surfing" allows visitors to stand on surfing boards to venture through different celestial objects to understand the warping of space by gravity.

The "Hall of Space Exploration" on the first floor depicts the development of space exploration and space technology. You may enter an upside down virtual space station to experience the disorientation feeling in weightlessness environment or drive yourself by turning a fixed steering wheel in "Action and Reaction" so as to understand the reaction principle in rocket propulsion.

To provide a better visiting experience, admission to the exhibition halls will be arranged by sessions with limited quota for each session.

  • 10 Salisbury Rd, Tsimshatsui, Hong Kong
25 April 2018 - 01 December 2020

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