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Multi-media Theatre, HKICC, 135 Junction Road, Kowloon, Hong Kong

Tang Shu-wing x Xing Liang x Mui Cheuk-yin

An Interdisciplinary Art Piece about Intergenerational Conflicts

In the 1930s, Cao Yu, in his early 20s, wrote Thunderstorm to shine a light on the darkness and corruption of the old society. The purest moral outcry from the youth established itself as a classic of the era; it is a classic depicting human desires and a piece of art transcending boundaries.

Walking through the shadow-strewn 21st century, thunder rumbles and roars loud and fierce. While the summer storm creeps in through a veil of gloom, the stagnant heat swelters just as the desperation in life endures…

Renowned theatre director Tang Shu-wing, choreographer Xing Liang and Mui Cheuk-yin join forces to reillustrate Cao’s classic with body language. Extracting the dramatic tensions and intricate literary world from the original play of Thunderstorm, the creative trio delves into the innermost thoughts of the characters. Through the combination of artistic elements like dance, mime theatre, costumes and set design, the narrative and dance styles have been refined to a minimalist yet compelling manner, exposing the bold imagination of powers and constraints. While the day in bright sunlight is yet to come, the creation stands as a far cry to reverberate the rebellious spirit inherited across the youth of every generation.

Biography of Tang Shu-wing:
Tang Shu-wing (Chinese: 鄧樹榮) is a prominent stage director and actor in Hong Kong. Sometimes nicknamed the "Alchemist of Minimalist Theatre", he received the Best Director award three times at the Hong Kong Drama Awards. While studying law in the early 1980s, Tang acted in student productions. He is the Dean of Drama at the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts. Parole Magazine describes Tang as "one of the most talented theatre directors of Hong Kong".

Biography of Xing Liang:
Born in Beijing, Mr Xing Liang graduated from the Beijing Dance Academy in 1991, winning the Gold Prize in the junior and senior sections respectively of the Tao Li Bei Competition. In 1991 and 1992 he was the principal dancer in the Youth Division of the Beijing Dance Academy, and in 1993 he joined the Guangdong Modern Dance Company in 1993. He is currently an independent choreographer. Mr Xing has won numerous awards, including the Gold Award in the Male Solo Class at the 6th Paris International Dance Competition in 1994, and the Gold Award in the Modern Dance Section at the 8th Paris International Dance Competition in 1998 for his work I Want to Fly. He was named one of the Top Ten National Performers in 1996, and Star of the Century by the Guangdong Provincial Government in 1997. He also received the Hong Kong Dance Alliance Award for his performance in Ju Dou in 1999. Other distinctions include the Silver Award in the Modern Dance Section at the 1st Italy International Dance Competition for his work Night of Dancer, and the 2nd Class Award in Choreography at the 5th National Competition in 2001. Further recognitions from Hong Kong Dance Alliance Award came in 2004 and 2006, and more recently in 2011 for 6 Degrees (for Outstanding Production), and in 2013 for Thunderstorm (for Outstanding Achievement in Choreography - in collaboration with 2013 Academy Honorary Fellow Ms Mui Cheuk-yin). He also received the Hong Kong Arts Development Council Award for Outstanding Young Artist in Dance in 2007, and the award for Best Artist (Dance) in 2011.

Biography of Mui Cheuk-yin:
Mui Cheuk-yin – choreographer, dancer, artistic director - has been at the forefront of dance in Hong Kong for over thirty years. After early training in Chinese classical and ethnic dance, she joined the Hong Kong Dance Company in 1981, where she was a principal dancer until 1990, excelling in lead roles in productions such as The Yellow Earth, Jade Love, and Rouge. Her choreographic journey began in 1985 when she won the Hong Kong Young Choreographer Competition which took her to New York to study modern dance. On her return to Hong Kong she created Awakenings in a Dream, Cursive Script, and the Diary Series, the most recent of which was created (and performed by her in 2010).

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