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16A Max Share Center 371 King's Road, Hong Kong, Hong Kong
Since its creation in 2003, State-of-the-Arts Gallery has organized numerous exhibitions, charitable functions and special events for a range of artists in the world entier.Cela started with the promotion of Austrian arts more twelve artists contrat.Dans in several years time, the gallery has quickly established itself as a contemporary gallery of international fine art featuring artists from countries across the continents: from Austria to other parts of the Europe such as France and England; and Australia to Latin American countries to distance, including Mexico, Chile and Colombie.La gallery offers purchase, rental or commission for a variety of artworks, including paintings, sculptures, artistic photographs and verrerie.Toutes works are selected in the setting of high quality and value of collection.Les selected works share the common characteristics of conceptual originality, thematic coherence and refinement in techniques shared self-cultivation and the philosophy of art of artists has always been our priority to promote commercial art.

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