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Richard-Wagner Platz 2-10, Nuremberg, 90443, Germany
Date: May 10, 2018
Time: 20:00

The body delusion of our time is omnipresent. We feel too fat, too thin, too small, too big or just ugly. Rarely, our ideas of a perfect body correspond to the actual appearance. The billionaire market for diets, fitness programs, beauty operations and other forms of bodystyling is booming. Not infrequently, the human body is said to be not only a work of art with the perfect proportions and a straight-forward appearance, but also a powerful machine. Fitness at any price!
Our body becomes the commodity, to the designer product, which is to be manufactured equal to an Automodell according to individual desire. Not infrequently, severe physical and protracted diseases are the result. Also, some psyche gets a crack. But where is the soul to go when she loses her own home?
After "Last Hour (s). An evening for Marilyn Monroe ", the Nuremberg comedian Adeline Schebesch once again writes a text for the theater.
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State Theater Nuremberg

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