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HAMLET - William Shakespeare (1602) - full_size - Staatstheater Mainz
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HAMLET - William Shakespeare (1602)

Gutenbergplatz 7, Mainz, 55116, Germany

7th, 13th & 29th October 2017;
5th & 11th November 2017;
9th, 18th & 22nd December 2017;
3rd, 10th, 14th, 17th & 29th January 2018;
20th, 23rd & 29th March 2018;
7th April 2018.


Stage production: KD Schmidt
Stage: Valentin Köhler
Costumes: Lucy Vonrhein
Music and video: Sebastian Purfürst
Dramaturgy: Rebecca Reuter
Light: Frederik Wollek
Hamlet: Henner Momann
Laertes: Nicolas Fethi Türksever
Ophelia: Paulina Alps
Claudius: Johannes Schmidt
Gertrude: Anna Steffens
Polonius: Martin Herrmann
Horatio: Lorenz Klee
Rosenkrantz and Güldenstern: Julian von Hansemann
Totengräber, Player: Murat Yeginer.

The fast-paced tempo takes the fatalistic heaviness of the king's murder drama and the figure of the hesitating avenger. The revelations, camouflage, and illusions shoot at each other unrestrained and serve Henner Momann as a Hamlet in the virtuosic switch from the Grübel to the madness mode a Bravourrolle. [...] Impressive new entry Paulina Alps, who as Ophelia, driven mad by her beloved, herself, in girlish despair, sends flower pigeons into the sky. (Allgemeine Zeitung, 9 October 2017)

Are we like Hamlet? Why are we not prepared to arm ourselves against the "sea of ​​plagues" in order to end them by resistance? There is something lazy in the state (Denmark) and in the face of the declarations of war, lies, intrigues and trust breaks, we stand like Hans the dreamer in the event and feel foreign to our cause. Perhaps we do not know what our business is, what are our goals, drafts, utopias? Does the rest have to be silence? Prince Hamlet travels to his homeland for the funeral of his father and, shortly after, his mother marries the brother of her deceased husband, experiences his uncle Claudius. Hamlet has been overthrown in the throne, and Claudius, therefore, King of Denmark. At night Hamlet appears the spirit of his father, who tells him that he was killed by his brother, to avenge his death. And so Hamlet forges a plan ... chatter or radical? Pretended or real madness?
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