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Philharmonisches Konzert - himmel_wärts

Theaterkarree, Dortmund, 44137, Germany
10th and 11th october 2017.


Whoever wants to get into worlds-toned spaces , it must first go skyward ! What better fits than the death and transfiguration of Richard Strauss? A classic: slowly, in slow-moving C minor begins the tone poem, which rises above an idyllic youthful memories and dramatic storms into a solemn, rushing transfiguration. Strauss himself said: " The hour of death is approaching, the soul leaves the body in order to find, in the eternal space, the perfected form, which could not be fulfilled here."

Afterwards Generalmusikdirektor Gabriel Feltz dedicates Gustav Mahler and his 4th Symphony. This neoclassical work is a fool's cap and begins with bells. The summit is then the great fourth movement in which the soprano Jeannette Wernecke joins the romantic We enjoy the heavenly pleasures . This Wunderhorn conjecture is to be like a motto over the coming season: " No music is not on earth, which can be compared to us ."
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