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Ein König zu viel - full_size - Theater Dortmund-Opernhaus
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Ein König zu viel

Theaterkarree, Dortmund, 44137, Germany
from 10th october 2017 to 21st january 2018.


On a deserted island somewhere in the ocean are two kings. Two? But that can not be! There is always only one king per country, per state and, of course, per island. Here obviously something went wrong and a king too much.For where two kings rule, nothing happens. It is true, but no one obeys. Nobody washes the cloaks or polishes the crown.

But what is the right majesty, who has the say? A king alone without servants and courtiers, gardeners, cooks, and shoe-polishers, is that a king at all? And can a king actually do anything other than order?A royal contest is to show who is the determinant on the island. The Highnesses fight, quarrel, and struggle as well as their blue blood permits. With so much scrambling for the throne, the heroes can only laugh in their fists.
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Theater Dortmund-Opernhaus

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