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Tutankhamun and the golden beetle

6 rue Frochot, Paris, 75009, France

The High Priest, deceitful and manipulative, has a terrible goal: to find the Golden Beetle that would allow him to have full powers over Egypt. Ankhesenamon, daughter of Pharaoh, serves as a spy against his will. She is in charge of meeting her cousin Tutankhamun, future Pharaoh. Indeed, he alone knows the location of the Sacred Cave in which is hidden the Golden Beetle. From their first meeting, they fall head over heels in love. The High Priest, aware of this impossible love, offers a market to Tutankhamen: stealing the Golden Beetle in exchange for his marriage with Ankhesenamon. Can the values, courage and integrity of Tutankhamun resist the evil plan of the High Priest? Will their love foil fate?

A story of love and adventure in the time of the Pharaohs. This comedy for children takes us back in time (-1350 BC in Luxor, Egypt), to discover all the wonders of ancient Egypt. Our piece that combines reality and fiction is a springboard that sharpens the interest of children for Egypt and also helps to dramatize this period of history that seems rather mysterious in school. The atmosphere of the sets allows to juggle between fear, anger, love and forgiveness, two complementary and necessary worlds meet, to facilitate the blossoming of the child: the imaginary and the real. The costumes are inspired by the time. This show has a strong didactic interest: to understand a precise part of the history, and differences of religions, of the conflicts carried out. Always current, as subject.

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