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Collective exhibition

7 Rue Notre Dame de Nazareth, Paris, 75003, France

Pierre-Yves Caër Gallery, the only Parisian gallery dedicated exclusively to Japanese contemporary art, wishes this summer to highlight the richness and diversity of current artistic creation in Japan. The exposed artists speak to the imagination of an unexpected world - and truly unique - always mixing tradition and modernity.

Biography of Hiroyuki Nakajima:
Born in 1956. Lives and works in Chiba (Japan)
At 61, Hiroyuki Nakajima has been practicing calligraphy for over 50 years. It is part of the sho tradition , using as subjects natural elements kanji - the ideograms of the "wind", the "moon", the "flower" ... He performs regularly: his calligraphy on large Japanese paper sheets are influenced by his daily practice of tai chi , a martial art whose spiritual dimension is as important to him as the control of the body.

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Pierre-Yves Caër gallery

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