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Billard - full_size - Jean-Soguero Deco Design
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  • Length
    2550 mm
  • Width
    460 mm
  • Height
    820 mm
  • Weight
    350 kg
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Billiard brand and model papers: Jean-Soguéro

Innovation : only one piece of glass all round the table.

With this realization, we met the rigorous criteria of design and love of glass: functional and aesthetic, easily adaptable, fascinating by its visual appearance.
Imagine it in your home?

Choose the color, ornaments, grounds, game mode ...

All materials are tailored to your desires: carpets, nets, legs, glass rim in one piece ...
Realise together a unique piece: your pool, fully integrated into your everyday environment, in compliance with forms and atmosphere that you set before him.

The playground becomes a reception area.
Three extensions glass covering the playing surface and allow you to install an instant twelve guests.

Materials and functions
Structure and aluminum legs
Enhancers foot stainless steel
Glass slab supported by steel system
Glass slab with a single piece 19 mm
3 extensions safety glass 8 mm
Interchangeable bands (French and American games)

Dimensions (mm)
Total area: 1 460 x 2 550
Play area: 1 170 x 2 260
Height adjustable: 780-820
Rings: 850 x 1 460

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