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Koguva, Tallinn, 94701, Estonia
Koguva village on the west coast of Muhu island is a remarkable example of Estonian peasant architecture, that has fascinated etnographers already in the beginning of the 20th century.
The village with exeptional history in its quaint landscape and well preserved farm buildings, for a long time has been known in Estonia as the birthplace of an Estonian writer Juhan Smuul. Koguva became a popular travel destination already during the writers lifetime and the first exhibition was opened after his death in 1971.
In 1973 Juhan Smuul"s Museum was opened as a branch of nowadays Saaremaa Museum.
In 1979 30,4ha of land was given to the museum, and the museum was renamed Juhan Smuul"s Memorial and Koguva Open Air Museum.
Since 1990 the museum is called Muhu Museum and is an institution of Muhu parish.

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