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Press Space to Continue

Železná, Prague, 110 00, Czech Republic
Monday 9th October 2017;
Wednesday 1st and Tuesday 21st November 2017;
Monday 4th and Saturday 9th December 2017;
Friday 12th and Monday 22nd January 2018;
Thursday 15th and Tuesday 20th February 2018.


Approximate running time, including intermission:
2hours, 10 minutes, one 20-minute intermission.

Stage director: Jan Frič
Dramaturgy: Jan Tošovský
Sets: Nikola Tempír
Costumes: Petra Vlachynská
Music: Jakub Kudláč
Lighting design: Martin Špetlík

Bohumil Plánovský, the head of the Biochemistry and Molecular Biology group at the Institute of Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, attains the ultimate goal – he discovers the mechanism of the origin of a new species, the substance of evolution. Yet his colleague, the linguist and mathematician Adam Šmíd, discloses that the genome sequenced by Plánovský has encoded the words from the New Testament “But many that are first shall be last; and the last shall be first” (Matthew, 19:30). Further analyses results in an increasingly alarming finding – dozens of God’s messages are revealed, and even the instruction on how to modify the human genome and create a “new, better Man”. Who is to be chosen to invite humankind to take a new path? The play about the world of science, the Sisyphus society, the journey from the apex to the very bottom, and further still, will pay tribute to the remarkable life of the mathematician Ilya Rips.
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