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À la Carte – Festival de Circo - full_size - Teatro de Santa Isabel
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À la Carte – Festival de Circo

Praça da República, s / n Santo Antônio,Pernambuco, Recife, 50010040, Brazil
Dates & Times:
Saturday 7th October 2017 at 17:00;
Sunday 8th October 2017 at 17:00.

R $ 20,00 whole , R $ 10,00 half

Without using a text as a narrative base, but through a script based on magic, circus techniques and musical numbers, the LaMínima group uses the art of the clown in prosaic numbers of strong gestures. On stage, the clown figure, as a critical observer of human behavior, makes him a poet of action, making the audience laugh at himself.

The spectacle happens on the periphery of a suburb lost in space and time. The two characters on the scene reveal the peculiarities of coexistence in this place where comfort passes away and security does not know the address.

Sometimes the existence of life outside that environment is perceived due to some noise interferences. One of them is very tense, a bundle of nerves forced by the constant exercise of control not to burst, which makes him the more capricious of the two.

The other, who possesses a peculiar logic, so conformed to stupidity, but something unites them as true brothers: hunger, whether it be food, dignity or even power.

In this imprecise terrain, where food and lethal weapons spring from the same source, fantasy is as fundamental as wheat in the composition of a dish that can quench the hunger of both ants and cicadas. Until she is awakened again.
  • Praça da República, s / n Santo Antônio,Pernambuco, Recife, 50010040, Brazil
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Teatro de Santa Isabel

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