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Bengt Lindström

Fains - Veel.
Cappelaere & Prunaux Ovv.

Sunday, September 29, 2019.
Bengt Lindström (1925-2008), The Sacrifice of Odin, 1989, oil on canvas, 190 x 200 cm.

Estimate: 15,000/20,000 €

Biography of Bengt Lindström :
Bengt Lindström (1925-2008) is a Swedish painter and lithographer. Bengt Lindström began his artistic training by attending the Stockholm Academy (1944-45). He then drew for Aksel Jorgensen in Copenhagen in 1946, before making a stay in Chicago (1946-47) and settling in Paris. There, he works in the workshops of Fernand Léger and André Lhote.
In 1949, he embarked on a non-figurative type of painting, more and more colorful.
From the 1950s, he took part in Paris in several group exhibitions and exhibitions (Realities news, October Salon).

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